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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science


About the Department

  • The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science has been introduced in the academic year 2022-2023.
  • The department has a well-equipped computer lab with latest computer software. The Laboratories are installed with broad-band internet facility.
  • The objective of the department is to drive the students' commitment to excel in research, design and development of next generation cutting-edge technologies in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. To enable the students to acquire technical skills to perform data processing, analysis and visualization in multiple real-time applications and equip them to identify and assess societal, health, safety and cultural issues with an emphasize on identifying their consequent responsibilities as Engineers of offering optimal and effective solutions for the same.
  • The department is fully Equipped with campus wifi and Internet facilities


Reconceptualize how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making and transform every walk of life.


  • To provide quality education by straddling computer Science blended with Mathematical Foundations, Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Machine Learning Principles, Statistical Methods, Data Science Philosophies, and their applications across multiple domains. Curriculum also covers on sub-field such as Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning and Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.
  • To provide the learning ambience that helps the students to enhance problem solving skills and to inculcate in them the habit of continuous learning in their domain of interest.
  • To serve the society by providing insight solutions to the real world problems by employing the emerging trends of Artificial Intelligence technology with strict adherence to professional and ethical responsibilities.


  • Utilize their proficiencies in the fundamental knowledge of basic sciences, mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, data science and statistics to build systems that require management and analysis of large volumes of data.
  • Advance their technical skills to pursue pioneering research in the field of AI and Data Science and create disruptive and sustainable solutions for the welfare of ecosystems.To provide students with strong foundational concepts and also advanced techniques and tools in order to enable them to build solutions or systems of varying complexity.
  • Think logically, pursue lifelong learning and collaborate with an ethical attitude in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Design and model AI based solutions to critical problem domains in the real world.
  • Exhibit innovative thoughts and creative ideas for effective contribution towards economy building.


  • Evolve AI based efficient domain specific processes for effective decision making in several domains such as business and governance domains
  • Arrive at actionable Foresight, Insight, hindsight from data for solving business and engineering problems
  • Create, select and apply the theoretical knowledge of AI and Data Analytics along with practical industrial tools and techniques to manage and solve wicked societal problems
  • Capable of developing data analytics and data visualization skills, skills pertaining to knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation and knowledge engineering, and hence capable of coordinating complex projects.
  • Able to carry out fundamental research to cater the critical needs of the society through cutting edge technologies of AI.


To analyze, design and develop computing solutions by applying foundational concepts of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. To apply software engineering principles and practices for developing quality software for scientific and business applications. To adapt to emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to innovate ideas and solutions for existing/novel problems.


  • Infrastructure and Lab Facilities

    • The department labs are well equipped to make students grasp the technologies and code the programs effectively.
    • Computer Laboratory - I and Computer Laboratory - II are equipped with LAN and 24- hour high speed internet facility.
    • Ample number of dot matrix and laser printers are made available for students to take printouts for lab purpose.
  • Big Data Analytics Laboratory

    • Established in the year 2022-2023
    • Well equipped with highly developed hardware's in high configuration
    • Fully air conditioned center with adequate UPS backup
    • Supplementing Software : Portable Python/Windows XP


Mrs.S.Porkodi M.E.,

Assistant Professor

Mrs. A. Ancy Juliet M.E.,

Assistant Professor

Mrs. C. Nivedhitha, M.Tech.,

Assistant Professor

Ms. A. Christy M.E.,

Assistant Professor



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